Are You Gambling With Your Reputation?{0}


Life is a gamble.  Many people work on a pretty regular basis.  Most do more than the usual nine to five routine.  They go to work and go that extra mile to “get ahead,” in the world.  They work incredibly hard and when they finish working they want to play hard too.  When they play hard they can sometimes get into a little trouble.

When you gamble with your hard earned cash you are likely to lose.  It can be very distressing to lose your money but it might even be more distressing to learn that losing your cash may be the least of your worries these days.  It may come as a surprise to some that there is much more at risk in today’s business world.   Experts at will be quick to advise us that our reputation can easily be damaged if action is not taken to monitor and manage it carefully.

Secret Spies

When we go online whether it is for business or for entertainment we are being exposed to millions of possible contacts.  Some may think that if they are careful about avoiding giving out too much information on a social networking site that they are keeping themselves safe.  However, you may be surprised to know that there are programs constantly working in the background of your computer that is reporting about your shopping habits and the sites that you frequently visit.

This information is often compiled and reported to companies that you don’t even know about.  Haven’t you ever wondered why it is that when you go on the Internet the exact type of ads that appeal to you are the ones that pop up?  It is because they are already following your habits.  They are like secret spies working in the background of your computer.

Information recipe

Now think for just a minute about how much information about you is being reported to different agencies and services.  Add to that the information you already include on your website and your social media sites.  Then add on the information that other people write about you and you have a recipe for things to go south very quickly.

All of these streams of information come together to form what is your online reputation.  Much of it is compiled about you without your knowledge.  That is why managing your online reputation is not that easy to accomplish.  You have to practically become a detective to root out all the information that is floating around the Internet about you.

Your challenge

That’s not to say that all of the information has to be bad.  Some of it might be quite favorable but you need to find out.  This can be a challenge since most people aren’t even aware that this kind of reporting actually exists.

Once you have discovered the negative information about your site, it may be time to hire some outside helpOnline Reputation Management services are geared to help people to uncover negative information about your online reputation and restore your good name.

It takes a great deal of time to search out this type of information.  Those who choose to ignore it are actually gambling.  It is a huge risk that you may be taking since your gambling situation can end up in a large losses.

[Dorothea Bryant is a freelance research writer interested in the Internet and its expansion in recent years.  Having a good reputation expert on your side can limit your risks and keep your good name secure.]