Making An Iron Clad Service Agreement{0}

When you are about to implement a service level agreement why not get the IT templates and the processes standardized with the help of the ITIL processes? Many organizations across the world are streamlining the terms and conditions which surround the IT services with the help of the ITIL templates. The uses of such templates can be numerous. You can find all the necessary sections already defined in such templates as well as many clauses and definitions included which makes the writing of such documents fast and easy.

The Beginning Sections Of A Service Level Agreement Document

The ITIL service level agreement templates that are available in the market define the purpose and the scope of the service in the first section of such a document. If you find a template defining the service level agreement as you would want in your organization, you can simply make a few changes and start using the template as a real organizational document.

  • The introduction section should be about the purpose, the scope, definitions, the abbreviations, references and so forth related to the service level agreement
  • The purpose details the client and the service provider and clarifies their roles
  • What constitutes acceptable service is mentioned here and the measurable terms and quantities are also defined here

Section On Definitions, Abbreviations And Acronyms

This section may seem tedious but it is important to clarify many terms and processes which come by in a service contract and the limiting factors in every such aspect. The abbreviations and the acronyms help to make the document readable and it is easy to frame and make changes in the document without having to elaborate on the acronyms and the abbreviations all the time.

Section On References, Overview And Participants

The service level agreement template then offers a reference section where the roles of the different profiles related to the agreement document implementation or policy changes and queries are defined. Thus, which help desk service is to be looked up for queries related to the service level agreement is mentioned in this section. The overview section lists out the details of the service and the participants’ section lists out the different team structures, roles and responsibilities of the different positions associated with the service or project and so forth.

Main Sections Of The Service Level Agreement Template

  • The section roles and responsibilities of every associated person or position and their KRAs is vital in this document. From such listed responsibilities and deliverables the roles and people can be held responsible and accountable and serves as the basis of their performance evaluation reports as well
  •  The section on service terms follows after that. Here the different sub sections deal with service agreement clauses, the service hours, availability criteria, reliability criteria, processing and scheduling, service performance measurement parameters and so forth

These sections cover all the different aspects of a service agreement and make every aspect of a service agreement defined and quantifiable. For more details on such a template go here -